Quimby Country can show you how!

#1 Leave your electronics behind. Your kids and you may go through withdrawal at first but soon the “out of sight out of mind” mentality will take hold and you will be able to let go and fully be present.

#2 Allow each member of your family the opportunity to plan something that you will do while on vacation. If everyone feels involved then everyone will feel a part of the whole experience.

# 3 Don’t make everyone feel like you have to spend every waking moment together. When family members have independence on vacation they are more apt to be engaged and excited during time spent together.

#4 Let your kids sleep in, everyone deserves to get a bit of extra rest. And if they wake up early, send them outside!

#5 Try something new- whether it be a new food or a new activity- it will teach you something you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

#6 Sit under the stars if possible. Practice doing nothing. Enjoy quiet moments together.

#7 Sing songs together, be silly, laugh a lot!

#8 Spend one on one time with different family members during your vacation time. This will give you an opportunity to have unique time with one another.

#9 Get in your car as little as possible. Time on your feet, time not trying to meet a deadline, time in one place will help you slow down.

#10 Play games together! Whether it is cards, frisbee, Pictionary, bingo or dodgeball, games bring out the youthfulness and playfulness in all of us!

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