Working at Quimby Country


Quimby Country seeks 2 part-time housekeeping staff for summer 2019. Hours are Saturdays from 10am-6pm with potential for part-time weekly hours.

The general managers supervise the housekeeping staff and meet daily to inform of arrivals, departures and specific needs of the cottages and buildings on the grounds.

Housekeeping performs cleaning for each cottage daily.  Responsibilities include kitchen (dishes and countertops), bedrooms (linen change if necessary), main living area (vacuum/sweep) and resupply of general needs (toilet paper, soap, towels, garbage bags etc), empty trash and water plants.

Quimby’s is known for its cleanliness and we maintain high standards.


Two Part-Time Housekeepers- Saturdays 10:00am-6pm




Quimby Country seeks 3 waitstaff for summer 2019.  Hours and time off vary depending on shift.

Waitstaff are responsible for preparing the main dining area for the presentation of all meals. Some meals are served family style, they are buffet or they are catered outside.

Responsibilities include: Waitstaff are responsible for general organization and flow of all dining services.  Floor must be swept, all plates, cups,  napkins and utensils are available and tables are clean and clear and ready for guests.  Waitstaff refill any drinks or main courses that are running low or requested by guests.  Waitstaff clear all dirty dishes and return to dish room. Waitstaff are friendly, presentable, helpful and supportive of all guests needs.




Quimby Country seeks a full time and part time dishwasher for summer 2018.

Shift Hours: 10:00 am- 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm-10:00 pm

Responsibilities include: The daily sanitation of all dishes and cookware from the kitchen and the main dining area, mopping of the dish room and general organization of the back kitchen storage areas.



General Counselor- Positions Filled

Quimby Country seeks 2 staff members (must be 18 years or older) who act as Quimby’s general counselors, working closely with all families and guests and children of all ages. Our counselors are responsible for the activities that form the core of our families’ experiences.  3 activities a day are offered and the activities are planned at the start of each week.

We take tremendous pride in our relationships to our guests and our general counselors are an incredibly key piece to the positive and memorable experience for all of our families.

Responsibilities include: Maintain general cleanliness and organization of Quimby’s facilities, property and equipment. Practicing and implementing a “Leave it Better Then You Found It” motto with all of our guests. Design and implementation of daily activities for children and adults. Positive, encouraging, helpful and supportive relationship to all guests.