Nighttime Family Fun

Around the time many families back home would be turning on their TV (if they hadn’t watched it through dinner), Quimby Country guests are preparing for an evening of family activities.  One night the counselors might organize games of bingo, charades, or Pictionary in the Lodge. Or they might mount a talent show, square dance, or casino night in the Club House.  Some evenings, they might even teach everyone a little about the evening stars, which shine brighter in our clear mountain air than in backyards back home.

Every Wednesday evening, the younger kids head out to the Rock after dinner for a campout under the stars (or in the Beach House, depending on the weather). Sleeping bags, pillows, and all the makings for s’mores over an open campfire are provided. Stories and songs usually fill the night until the least sleepy head has had his or her fill.

Late evening is the time for quiet conversation, a game of cards or chess, or simply reading a good book.  Evenings sometimes get chilly in this “cold end” of Vermont, but there’s a fire in the Lodge, every cottage has a woodstove, and there are plenty of wool blankets in the dressers.  Perfect sleeping weather after a busy day.

Nighttime Family Fun at Quimby's in Vermont