Nighttime Family Fun

Around the time many families back home would be turning on their TV, Quimby Country guests are preparing for an evening of family fun.  At Quimby Country we have put together quite a schedule of evening fun and it is not just for the children!

Saturday night is our first night of the week and families enjoy heading down to the Rock for the sunset and a campfire of s’mores. It is a spectacular way to begin the week, be reaquainted with old and new friends and enjoy a stunning evening sky.

Monday night is often our Square Dance night and music and laughter is easily heard coming from our very own Nevin Brugger Hall, Quimby’s own rec hall. Everyone loves QC’s old favorites like Jessie’s Polka, Virginia Reel and the Limbo.

Tuesday night is often Game Night in the Lodge like bingo, charades, or Pictionary. There may even be a few prizes.

Wednesday is the kids campout under the stars at the Rock for children over the age of 8. There is nothing more magical than falling asleep under the blanket of the night stars with the sounds of loons singing a lullaby.

Thursday is another fun night of games with Rocks being played by all ages all along Albert’s Way.

Late evening is the time for quiet conversation, a game of cards or chess, or simply reading a good book.  Evenings sometimes get chilly in this “cold end” of Vermont, but there’s a fire in the Lodge, every cottage has a woodstove, and there are plenty of wool blankets in the dressers.  Perfect sleeping weather after a busy day.

Nighttime Family Fun at Quimby's in Vermont