Kids at Quimby’s

Generations of children, including many who are now parents and grandparents themselves, have loved Quimby Country. Quimby’s affords a sense of new found freedom while ensuring children explore, try new things and have fun under the watchful care of our staff

The Lodge bell chimes at 9:20 each morning and children and their families gather around the fire pit outside to hear about the morning activities. A familiar scene is seeing two of Quimby’s counselors sitting on the benches around the fire pit with the day’s activities brightly featured on the activity board. Pinata prep for Friday night festivities, a paddle on Little Averill with a trip to iconic Hanging Rock, building paddle boats at woodshop, archery, tie dye, a hike to Lookout, baking cinnamon twists, arts and crafts, Quimbledon tennis prep, fort building, fish batik….. the choices are bountiful and exciting and there is something for everyone! Everyone gets to choose what they will do and where they will go and our counselors lead the charge.

Morning activities allow children, ages 5 and up, the opportunity to independently head out with the counselors for a morning of fun and learning. Parents can choose to accompany them if they wish or opt for their own time to head off on a run, a bike ride, hike or simply read on the front porch. Children under the age of 5 are asked to have a parent accompany them to activities. Children under the age of 5 have the opportunity to sign up for “Fun and Games on the lawn” for an hour each day to give our youngest Quimby guests fun of their own, and their parents time of their own. A heightened sense of independence and freedom is experienced by all ages and no matter the age, everyone walks away happy and fulfilled.

Afternoon activities are varied but mostly time spent splashing and playing down at the Rock. A Quimby staff member is on duty during this time. He or she is often facilitating Quimby’s big orange mat for water play or helping with a sand castle on the waters edge. When there is not a  lifeguard on duty parents are asked to keep an eye out for their children while they are swimming. Life jackets are required for all those heading out on QC watercraft: sailboats, paddle boards, kayaks and canoes.  The Rock is a wonderfully free afternoon spent with the anticipation of 4:00 cookies back at the Lodge. You name it: snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal raisin or molasses…. a day would not be complete without this afternoon treat!

And then evening comes. Counselors lead a Saturday night s’more roast, Sunday night Bingo, Monday night square dance, Tuesday night may be a moose hunt or family games in the Lodge, Wednesday features an overnight for children 8 years and up, Thursday is Rocks, and a fabulous Friday finale of a lobster bake with the traditional piñata fun! Following the festivities and fun, a quiet hush falls over all the cottages. For those looking for more, a campfire is often enjoyed at the fire pit outside the Lodge for those interested in late night star gazing. And the best part is, we get to go to bed, wake up and do it all over again!

“Being a counselor at Quimby Country means so much to me. Not only do you get to meet so many great families, but you get to spend time with the incredible kids that really bring QC to life. From watching them bike around the property, going to the Rock, trying to catch fish and building fairy houses near the dock, to just sitting with their family on their porch, they had smiles and laughter that would just light up my day. I met so many kids that made an impact on my summer, and there were many moments that touched my heart. Being a counselor is so much more than just making activities and keeping them together.  It is getting to learn the children’s personalities and becoming a friend for them to go and talk to. Creating bonds with the children is so special. My favorite part of Quimby’s was the collaboration of not only the staff, but the families as they did family olympics or Quimbledon. Quimby Country is truly a special place and I’m forever grateful for getting to be a part of it.” – Ellie (2019 Counselor)