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Vermont’s Oldest Sporting Camp and
Original Family Summer Camp

Quimby Country is a cottage resort in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom that has been hosting families, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts since 1893. Rich in history, Quimby’s Lodge and cottages sit by themselves on the shores of Forest Lake in the Great North Woods of Vermont. And the crystal clear waters of Big Averill Lake are a short 10-minute walk away.

“We’re different than most of Vermont,” one former manager told the Boston Globe. “We’re in a spruce-fir forest, not pine. We have nesting loons, plus lake trout, rainbows, browns, and landlocked salmon. And we have a glacial kettle bog.”

In summer, families return to this idyllic location to reconnect with friends and make new ones. It’s not unusual for a guest’s grandparents to have met at Quimby Country when they were toddlers, grown up, had families of their own, and come back every summer since. Something about the remoteness, the rustic cottages that look pretty much the same year after year, and the natural beauty of this corner of the world has been bringing families back for generations.

In spring and fall, nature lovers, anglers and upland bird hunters call Quimby’s home. Anglers enjoy fishing the productive waters of Big and Little Averill Lakes, the nearby Upper Connecticut River, and the numerous brooks and streams of northern Vermont. Nature lovers enjoy watching moose nearby, relaxing by the calm waters of Forest Lake, or hiking the numerous trails in the surrounding forests. In autumn, the hillsides are ablaze with reds, oranges, and yellows as northern New England puts on its annual show of color. Upland hunters spend crisp fall days chasing ruffed grouse and woodcock in the alders and spruce forests. Bird watchers search out the way stops of migrating snow geese and the boreal habitat of elusive Spruce Grouse.

Vacationing family, angler, hunter, bird watcher, or simply lover of the outdoors, we invite you to join us in this very special place.

About Quimby Country in Averill, Vermont
About Quimby Country in Averill, Vermont