Why Choose Quimby Country For Your Family Vacation?

There are countless incredible and beautiful places to vacation as a family and we are so fortunate that so many choose Quimby’s to return to time and time again as part of their family tradition. With so many choices out there for parents to decide between, why Quimby Country?   A common thread that seems to tie so many together is the feeling of FAMILY. It doesn’t matter if you have been coming to Quimby’s for 50 years, 15 years or 1 year; as soon as you experience it you become apart of something special, something larger and something unique.  

The size of Quimby Country is something special. Quimby’s is just big enough that you can meet new families and make new friends each summer you return and you also can share really quality time with the people you arrive with. There is time to be with larger groups of guests with Square Dance gatherings, picnics at Sandy Beach or during Friday’s Family Olympics.  These shared times provide laughter, time spent with those you may not otherwise be with and opportunity for extended conversation and fun.  Young mix with old in traditions like Quimbledon or simply because of time enjoyed relaxing on the front porch of the Lodge.  All of Quimby’s guests dine at the same time for three meals a day so it is not an uncommon scene to see a toddler swooped up by a neighboring table, a table of teens laughing about a days activity or a family playing a game of cards while they wait for the meal to be served by one of Quimby’s waitstaff. It is also a familiar scene to see a group of chairs pulled together around a table on the porch with a growing game of scrabble taking place. A guest walking by may be gestured up to the porch to partake in a few rounds before heading down to the Rock for an afternoon swim. Quimby’s is the perfect size to really feel like you have quality time to spend with the people you arrived with and also with the guests who quickly become like family because of the opportunities each day brings through varied activities and fun.

There is something incredibly comforting knowing your child can wake up before you, as a parent you are not ready to begin your day, and to know that they can safely make their way down Albert’s Way by foot or bicycle, and arrive to be greeted in the Lodge by a friendly staff member, make their way to their table in the main dining room and independently order and be served a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of pancakes smothered in VT maple syrup with a side of bacon. All this time you, as a parent, have not even placed your foot out of its bed covers. A friend they have made from another family may be sitting at a neighboring table or a parent is seated with a child that they pass as they make their way to their own table. Someone else’s grandparent greets them with a “good morning!” as they walk by.  Again, the comfort and joy knowing your child can practice such independence, all before the clock strikes 8:00 am. 

Quimby provides countless opportunities for its guests to quickly feel like they are becoming one as family. To be witness to these interactions and engagements is a gift. To know that Quimby’s has been sharing this gift to families for generations and generations is a wonder. And to know that Quimby’s will continue to provide these same opportunities for generations to come is our commitment. Quimby’s continues to grow and provide new and enriching experiences to its guests and it equally is committed in making sure that it remains as Hortense  Quimby dreamed it to be back in the 1920’s; a place for families to recreate and share time together in the beauty and quiet of the Northeast Kingdom. Quimby’s is a timeless experience and we look forward to welcoming back its extended and growing family with each new season.

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