On Wednesday, June 13th 2018, I arrived at Quimby Country for my first visit!  I was especially excited because of all that I had heard and read about Quimby Country as well as the fact that I arrived with my closest boyhood friend growing up in Michigan, George Maentz, who came all the way from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to join me.  We both were overwhelmed with the beauty of the setting of the camp, we loved our cozy cabin overlooking Forest Lake, and we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious meals served at the camp…especially the lobster dinner!   In addition to enjoying the wonderful hiking trails available at the camp and on nearby Great Averill, the highlight of our time at Quimby’s was our experience with our fishing guide, Josh Adams, who took us to a marvelous spot on the Connecticut River for some superb trout fishing.  Josh’s knowledge and experience as a fishing guide enabled us to have an outstanding time, and thanks to his expertise both George and I were able to actually catch (and release!) several brook trout!  Josh’s ability to teach us how to properly cast a fly, his knowledge of the river and the habits of the fish, and his patience and encouragement were all attributes he possessed that allowed both George and me to have an unforgettable experience.  We emerged from our two nights and three days at Quimby Country grateful for being part of such a truly magnificent camp which provided such a variety of positive experiences, and we are already looking forward to returning again next summer!

– 2018 Guest, George Andrews 

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