Meet our Team at Quimby Country

Quimby Country values its staff. We value our staff because we know we could not get the job done without the collaborative effort of our team. There are many integral parts at Quimby Country and no one part or one piece is more significant than the next.  Every hand that comes together contributes to the overall success of all we do and is a fundamental piece of maintaining the rich heritage of Quimby Country. A tremendous amount of work goes into putting together a dynamic, welcoming and competent staff. We can’t wait for our Quimby guests to get to know our staff this season. Our team looks forward to working hard to provide an unforgettable experience during your stay with us!

Lilly and Gene Devlin met in 1992 at the University of Vermont.  Gene was studying English/Education and Outdoor Adventure and Lilly was a Human Development and Family Studies major. They spent extensive time hiking and climbing in the Adirondack and Green Mountains, further developing their love of the outdoors in the Northeast. Lilly and Gene have spent their professional lives coupling their love of the outdoors with their commitment to working with children and families in both traditional and non-traditional settings. Following college, Lilly taught English as a second language for a year in a small school in the cloud forests of Costa Rica while Gene pursued his love of adventure education and led backpacking and climbing trips in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and in the pacific northwest. They returned to traditional education and worked at a character-based boarding school for 13 years, where they began their family and had three sons, Skyeler, Camden and George.  A time for change led them to become directors of a traditional summer camp for 7 years in the southern Adirondacks of New York. Their life work has led them to where they are today as managing partners and day-to-day operators of Quimby Country.  In a world that is becoming more and more difficult to unplug and connect with others, time spent at Quimby Country allows for a much-needed pause to be reminded of the value of relationships and shared time spent together in the outdoors.  Quimby’s daily programming provides rich opportunities for families and individuals to grow and try new things while being among a spectacularly beautiful place. Lilly and Gene are thrilled and honored to carry forward the traditions that Quimby’s guests have been experiencing for over 100 years. When you arrive to Quimby’s they promise you will feel its warmth and a feeling of returning home, even if it is only your first time.

What does Lilly look forward to the most in this season ahead?

I look forward to facilitating experiences in families and guests’ lives where they come to know one another more deeply through time spent in the authentic environment that Quimby’s affords.  For children to see and interact with their parents in an environment that offers little to no distractions and for parents to see their children experience freedom and discovery in ways not easily achieved back home. Quimby Country facilities these moments of growth and connection and I am honored to be a witness to these moments. I also cannot wait to swim every morning before breakfast, to sit around a campfire under a star-filled sky and to meet new friends.

What does Gene look forward to the most in this season ahead?

I look forward to welcoming our guests back this season and catching up with them and learning how we can help shape their stay at Quimby Country. I love the opportunity we have to be apart of this process in helping families and individuals have an unforgettable stay while in the Northeast Kingdom. It is so gratifying to see our guests have ‘first-time’ experiences, whether it be pulling a brown trout out of Forest Lake or standing agape while taking in the setting sun on the shores of Great Averill. There is so much to explore and experience while at Quimby Country and I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Hello ! I’m Ellie Kiel, a 18-year-old, silly and outgoing, originally from Illinois. I moved to Middlebury, Vermont a few years ago and have loved it here ever since. I have been a dancer since the age of three, and I love putting on shows and making people smile. I think it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. I am on the dance and tennis team at my high school, which is the best part of my year. I’m SO excited to be returning to the Quimby team this summer. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people! I especially cannot wait to hang out with all the cool kiddos. I have a lot of experience with children and look forward to putting on shows in silly costumes, going for swims in the beautiful lake, doing lots of arts and crafts and much more! I am so grateful to be returning for my second season.

One of my favorite memories from last year was playing Uno with the staff and families that came to QC. It was so fun and special to be able to come together at the beginning, middle, and end of the day over a fun game of Uno. Another one of my favorite memories was the family olympics and seeing all of the joy on the families faces as they competed together and against each other for a fun day on the QC land. Although getting water balloons singed at you with a slingshot doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable thing, it was my FAVORITE part of the family olympics. On the flip side, everyone needs a moment to themselves to think through the day and wind down,,, Anytime I needed a moment to close my eyes and be alone, I enjoyed going to the end of the doc right in front of the lodge overlooking Forest Lake. My favorite time to go to the doc was at night time when the stars would shine above and the lake was peaceful and quiet. I am looking forward to being able to hit the tennis courts and swim in Big Averill this upcoming season with the guests and staff. I am most looking forward to taking time away from my phone to get out into nature and embrace everything that Quimby’s has to offer. If I had to think of four words to describe QC I would say “Meet your summer family”. Everyone at Quimby Country is always opening their arms and Welcoming you with a smile. 

We are thrilled to welcome Ellie back to Quimby Country for our 127th season! We are confident that our counselor program at Quimby’s continues to provide exceptional fun and learning opportunities for children of all ages! Ellie’s warm smile, her creative spirit, her contagious enthusiasm for life and her desire to give her absolute best in all she does makes her an incredible addition to the Quimby Country team. We know you are going to love her! Welcome back Ellie!

Hello there, my name is Sy. I am very excited for the summer to come and to see what Quimby Country has in store for the year. Although most people think I’m from Vermont, I am originally from Florida, but after moving to Vermont with my family a number of years ago I fell in love with the state and all it has to offer. I appreciate the beautiful scenery and loving communities of Vermont. I’ve also enjoyed learning the ins and outs of being a Vermonter. I have a tremendous passion for being outdoors and spend most of my time outside all year round. I spend my winters training for Nordic skiing as well as teaching people of all ages this wonderful passion of mine. My summers consist of hiking, exploring Vermont’s pristine rivers and lakes alongside mountain biking and countless other outdoor activities. I love learning new skills and cultivating new interests as well as meeting new faces and forging new friendships. I am extremely passionate about teaching people to see the little things that are sometimes taken for granted each day, and working with all ages to foster new interests. There are many things that this beautiful state has to offer and hopefully with a bit of curiosity and exploration you will feel right at home as I do my best to share my passions, knowledge and interests with you this summer. So excited to meet you all. 

We are so excited to welcome aboard Sy for his first season at Quimby Country. Sy is a great addition to the team and his past experience working with multiple ages at the Craftsbury Center and in the outdoors will certainly prepare him for a great 1st season!

My name is Parker Castle. I grew up and live in Holland, Vermont just west of Quimby Country. In my off time, I enjoy exploring the North East Kingdom and beyond. I have lead summer programs and trips within the NEK the past five years. I know this area better than the inside of my own home and look forward to sharing my knowledge with the guests. I spend most of my time working on my families land, creating and maintaining a network of ski & snowshoe trails as well as mountain biking trails.  I also try to fit as many remote canoe and hiking trips into my summers. I look forward to sharing my interests with the guests at Quimby this summer. I am excited to work with kids at Quimby’s and connect to all members of the family, of all generations. I enjoy interacting with all age groups while learning and sharing my knowledge. I invite all to ask me about the NEK as I have been exploring every inch of the area since my beginning.

We are so excited to welcome back Parker to Quimby Country this summer as his wealth of knowledge of the area and his passion for being in the outdoors are infectious. Parker is an eager learner and clearly values sharing his knowledge with others. His kind smile and easy nature also make him approachable for all ages. Parker is an exceptional member of the Quimby team. We are excited to share him with our Quimby guests! Welcome back Parker!

Hello! My name is Ireland and I am 17 years old and from Cornwall, VT. I wanted t0 share a few fun facts about myself!

  • My favorite classes at school are English and history because a: I LOVE to write, and b: I NEVER find any history boring.
  • Some of my favorite activities to do outside of school are LAX, wood whittling, playing board games, and writing in general.
  • In terms of real animals, my favorite is DEFINATELY a dog. In terms of fantasy, however, everyone knows the dragon is by far the best.
  • I have 2 dogs, Baxter and Macchiato, and 2 guinea pigs, Princess Leia and Princess Buttercup (the names were NOT my idea.)
  • I am really looking forward to my new job!
  • One of my favorite places at Quimby’s is the porch.
  • My favorite color is lapis-lazuli.
  • My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and what I like to eat most are homefry potatoes and waffles with maple syrup.

I have a few great wood shop projects I am excited to share with you this summer and two games I hope to teach to you: Jumbo Jenga and the Minefield Game, both are team building games.

Ireland has been coming to Quimby’s for two summers with her family and this will be her first summer on staff as an LIT. Ireland is a long time camper, having gone to a summer camp in the Adirondack’s for over 8 summers. Ireland has many interests and one of the many really amazing things about her is that she is a 46er! Ireland has hiked every high peak in the Adirondack National Park! Ireland hopes to hike and canoe with many of you this summer. We are so happy to have you join us this summer Ireland! Ireland has made some amazing piñata’s over the years so get ready for some fun new ideas this summer! Welcome to Quimby Country’s team of amazing staff Ireland! We are so fortunate to have you join us!

Mary is 16 years old and is from Narberth, Pa. Mary has been visiting Quimby’s for two summers and has fallen in love with everything Quimby’s!

I am so excited for this upcoming summer at Quimby Country! My favorite color is blue and my favorite meal is breakfast because I love waffles. I am a sophomore in high school and my favorite class is chemistry because while it is rather challenging I enjoy the sciences and find it to be very interesting, and I really like my teacher and the people in my class. Outside of school, I love to spend time with friends and family and play sports. I row and play tennis. I love to play tennis at Quimby Country! It is super fun to play tennis with friends, and I wanted to try something new as a freshmen which is why I decided to try rowing. I have three dogs, which is also my favorite animal, which is lucky for me because there are always dogs running around Quimbys! My dogs names are Bear, Ruthie and Marcus. Besides playing with the dogs at Quimbys I am super excited to swim in Great Avril because not only is it absolutely breathtaking, but swimming in lakes and the ocean is one of my favorite things to do. At Quimbys, I love the lake, but I also love the lodge porch. It has an amazing view of Forest Lake and the tennis court, and it is where people often gather for to spend time with each other or play games. One can also watch the beautiful sunrise over the lake from the porch. I am really looking forward to spending my summer at Quimby Country!

Mary is excited to help run Quimby’s Nestling Program which is for guests 5 years and younger and she has lots of ideas to bring to the Art Barn this summer! We are so excited to welcome Mary as an LIT this summer. Mary’s smile is infectious and she is ALWAYS game for any activity. She loves children and the children will love Mary. Welcome to Quimby’s staff Mary!

Stay tuned for a write up on Justin!

My name is Anika and this will be my third summer baking at Quimby Country!  I really enjoy baking at Quimby’s during the summer. During my time baking at QC, I have had many opportunities to try baking new desserts. My favorite dessert that I have made is tiramisu!

When you drive down the front drive at QC, how does it make you feel? What do you notice around you while you drive in? As I drive down the QC driveway in the early morning, I always feel grateful that I get to work at such a beautiful place. I love to watch the sunrise over the lake as I drive in.

Overall, what are you most looking forward to in working at QC in 2020? I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I am also excited to meet new people.

What 4 words come to mind when you think of QC? Some words that come to mind when I think of QC are nature, scenic, fun, and friends.

What is your favorite ice cream?  My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.

What is your favorite mealtime of the day and what meal goes with it? My favorite meal is breakfast. I love to have french toast with home fries.

What is your favorite color? My favorite color is turquoise.

What is one fun fact about you? A fun fact about me is that I help make maple syrup every year at my family’s sugar house.

This will be Faith’s 2nd season on waitstaff at Quimby’s. Faith is rarely seen without a smile on her face! Faith’s great-grandfather worked at Quimby’s many, many years ago so Quimby’s is apart of her blood. Everyone loves Faith, especially the Quimby kids! We asked Faith a few questions and we know you will love Faith as much as we do! Enjoy learning more about Faith below:

What do you enjoy about being on waitstaff at QC?

I enjoy talking with all the guests and learning where they are from and their history at QC or why they decided to join the QC family. I also enjoy working with the kitchen staff because it feels like you’re working with a mini family.

What one or two of your favorite memories are from last season at QC. I know it is hard to sum it up but just do your best!

One of my favorite memories is when a group of families came for the week and I knew this family from a previous year of counseling. The kids had no idea I worked at QC again and their faces were priceless when they saw me in the dining room.

When you drive down the front drive at QC, how does it make you feel? What do you notice around you while you drive in? 

Every morning when I drove into QC I always noticed the loons. Not many people would be awake yet but some would be on the porch waiting for morning coffee. In the afternoon whether it was leaving a shift or driving back for dinner, guests were always outside. Whether on a bike, playing on the lawn, or reading a book on the porch, I was always greeted with a huge smile and wave. It always seemed to pick my spirits up.

Overall, what are you most looking forward to in working at QC in 2020?

I am most looking forward to another great season full of memories and smiles. I can’t wait to meet new guests and staff.

What 4 words come to mind when you think of QC?

Outdoors, family, adventure, and memories.

Favorite ice cream

Maple Creamee or Peppermint Stick

Favorite mealtime of the day and what meal goes with it

Favorite meal is dinner. My absolute favorite dinner is breakfast for dinner, especially french toast!

Favorite color


Fun fact about you

Fun fact about me, my family named my dog Lucy after the Charlie Brown movies.

This will be Jake’s 2nd season on waitstaff at Quimby’s. Jake has been a great addition to the team. Jake’s favorite meal to serve at Quimby’s is definitely the lobster bake on Friday nights! We think it is because he loves to drive the QC truck with fellow waitstaffer Joey!

What do you enjoy about being on waitstaff at QC? The friendly atmosphere and great lodge setting, it’s incredibly unique.

What one or two of your favorite memories are from last season at QC. I know it is hard to sum it up but just do your best! Playing songs by the campfire, and talking with the chefs.

When you drive down the front drive at QC, how does it make you feel? What do you notice around you while you drive in? It makes me feel relaxed, and I notice the lake, and (hopefully on most days) the sun.

Overall, what are you most looking forward to in working at QC in 2020? Seeing guests from last season, and hopefully a few new faces as well.

What 4 words come to mind when you think of QC?: Comforting, Quaint, Natural, Homey

Favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite mealtime of the day and what meal goes with it: Dinnertime, with a bowl of poutine.

Favorite color: Blue

Fun fact about you:  I like to play guitar, and have recently developed a passion for cars.

This coming season will be Joey’s 2nd season working on waitstaff at Quimby’s.

Stay tuned for Joey’s responses to the questions below:

What do you enjoy about being on waitstaff at QC?

What one or two of your favorite memories are from last season at QC. I know it is hard to sum it up but just do your best!

When you drive down the front drive at QC, how does it make you feel? What do you notice around you while you drive in? 

Overall, what are you most looking forward to in working at QC in 2020?

What 4 words come to mind when you think of QC?

Favorite ice cream

Favorite mealtime of the day and what meal goes with it

Favorite color

Fun fact about you

My name is Lu Van Zeeland and I am happy to return to tend Quimby’s gardens again this season.  Five years ago, with fellow gardener Sarah Dole, we began the process of reclaiming and enhancing the gardens on this extraordinary piece of property.  I feel joy with my hands in the dirt caring for the plants, sensing out as I go along where to move, add, or expand things to create the most beauty.
I have particularly enjoyed getting to know the guests and fellow gardeners while doing my job, and we have learned from one another as we shared our knowledge and love of gardening. I look forward to reconnecting with those folks and meeting new guests this season.
After 6 years of splitting my time living and working up north here in the summers and in Montpelier, Vermont (at Morse Farm Ski Touring Center) in the winters, I now make Averill my year-around home.  The deep quiet of this region feeds my soul.  You will often see me outdoors, riding my bike to work at Quimby’s, kayaking or swimming at Averill Lake, hiking on the Quimby trails, Averill and Brousseau Mountains, or walking along Cottage Road.  I also enjoy exploring over the border in the Coaticook region of Canada, and have discovered some wonderful cycling and food tasting routes I am happy to share.
My daughter Meredith lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and my son Sam lives in Stowe, Vermont.
I look forward to experiencing and contributing to the beauty and magic of Quimby Country again this season.

Stay tuned for a write up on Gary!

Stay tuned for a write up on Norma!


Quimby Country is proud to partner with a number of excellent businesses in the area to bring an array of exciting offerings to our guests. Please take a moment to learn more about our partnerships and the experiences we will be offering our guests this season.

Joshua Adams is the owner and Operator of Great Drake Angling & Outdoor Adventures LLC. Josh is one of the finest instructors and guides you will ever meet.  His teaching methods are proven to make learning easy for clients of all abilities, and his perpetual smile and friendly demeanor always make for a fun day on the water.  Josh’s passion for hunting and fishing is contagious, and a day spent on the water, or in the woods with him, will leave you with a yearning to try it again.

Quimby’s is very excited to partner up with Josh this season to offer our guests drift boat tours down the Connecticut River and wading tours.

For more information on availability and fees, please click here or contact (Please make all reservations through Quimby Country)

John Kascenska owns and directs Kingdom Adventure out of East Burke, Vermont. John is one of the most experienced outdoor educators in North America with 36 years of professional outdoor experience. Throughout his career, John has remained current with the latest developments in the outdoor adventure profession to maintain a high level of knowledge and skills that he has passed along to the hundreds of people he has instructed. John is very excited this season to offer daylong rock climbing trips at Wheeler Mountain to Quimby’s guests.  These trips will be available for both shoulder and all-inclusive family camp guests, however, availability is limited, so please be in touch to express your interest.  Trips are offered to both adults and children (minimum of 8 years old).

For more information on availability and fees, please click here  or contact (Please make all reservations through Quimby Country)

Jonathon is the owner and operator of local bike shop Spoke ‘N’ Word in Colebrook, NH. Jonathon will be supplying a fleet of bikes that will be available for rental at Quimby Country this season. When not out riding on the road or trails, Jonathon can be found tuning up bikes at his shop or spending time with his family. We are thrilled that Jonathon has offered to provide guided mountain bike trips to Circuits Frontiers in Hereford, Canada this season. We will be offering this service to our guests on Monday during our shoulder and all-inclusive family camp weeks.

For more information on availability and fees, please click here or contact (Please make all reservations through Quimby Country)

TJ Dezotell is a Vermont native, born and raised in Derby, Vermont.  TJ has an extensive background in outdoor recreation and a deep love for sharing the natural world with others. We are fortunate enough to be partnering up with him this season, as he will be offering guided hikes and canoe trips down the Connecticut River for our guest. If you would like to learn more about TJ and other services he offers, please feel free to check him out at

For more information on availability and fees, please click here or contact (Please make all reservations through Quimby Country)

Stay tuned for a write up on Mary!

We are very excited to welcome Jenna Kelly to Quimby Country this season as our resident Massage Therapist. Jenna is a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor, K-12 art educator and adjunct professor of fine arts. She is a graduate of Green Mountain Massage School and is well versed in multiple modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology, and Thai yoga massage. Jenna is the owner of Mobile Metta Massage company, offering therapeutic massages that provide loving-kindness to your body, mind, and spirit.

For more information on availability and fees, please click here or contact (Please make all reservations through Quimby Country)