Meet our Team at Quimby Country

Quimby Country values its staff. We value our staff because we know we could not get the job done without the collaborative effort of our team. There are many integral parts at Quimby Country and no one part or one piece is more significant than the next.  Every hand that comes together contributes to the overall success of all we do and is a fundamental piece of maintaining the rich heritage of Quimby Country. A tremendous amount of work goes into putting together a dynamic, welcoming and competent staff. We can’t wait for our Quimby guests to get to know our staff this season. Our team looks forward to working hard to provide an unforgettable experience during your stay with us!

Lilly and Gene Devlin met in 1992 at the University of Vermont.  Gene was studying English/Education and Outdoor Adventure and Lilly was a Human Development and Family Studies major. They spent extensive time hiking and climbing in the Adirondack and Green Mountains, further developing their love of the outdoors in the Northeast. Lilly and Gene have spent their professional lives coupling their love of the outdoors with their commitment to working with children and families in both traditional and non-traditional settings. Following college, Lilly taught English as a second language for a year in a small school in the cloud forests of Costa Rica while Gene pursued his love of adventure education and led backpacking and climbing trips in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and in the pacific northwest. They returned to traditional education and worked at a character-based boarding school for 13 years, where they began their family and had three sons, Skyeler, Camden and George.  A time for change led them to become directors of a traditional summer camp for 7 years in the southern Adirondacks of New York. Their life work has led them to where they are today as managing partners and day-to-day operators of Quimby Country.  In a world that is becoming more and more difficult to unplug and connect with others, time spent at Quimby Country allows for a much-needed pause to be reminded of the value of relationships and shared time spent together in the outdoors.  Quimby’s daily programming provides rich opportunities for families and individuals to grow and try new things while being among a spectacularly beautiful place. Lilly and Gene are thrilled and honored to carry forward the traditions that Quimby’s guests have been experiencing for over 100 years. When you arrive to Quimby’s they promise you will feel its warmth and a feeling of returning home, even if it is only your first time.

What does Lilly look forward to the most in this season ahead?

I look forward to facilitating experiences in families and guests’ lives where they come to know one another more deeply through time spent in the authentic environment that Quimby’s affords.  For children to see and interact with their parents in an environment that offers little to no distractions and for parents to see their children experience freedom and discovery in ways not easily achieved back home. Quimby Country facilities these moments of growth and connection and I am honored to be a witness to these moments. I also cannot wait to swim every morning before breakfast, to sit around a campfire under a star-filled sky and to meet new friends.

What does Gene look forward to the most in this season ahead?

I look forward to welcoming our guests back this season and catching up with them and learning how we can help shape their stay at Quimby Country. I love the opportunity we have to be apart of this process in helping families and individuals have an unforgettable stay while in the Northeast Kingdom. It is so gratifying to see our guests have ‘first-time’ experiences, whether it be pulling a brown trout out of Forest Lake or standing agape while taking in the setting sun on the shores of Great Averill. There is so much to explore and experience while at Quimby Country and I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Mary will be returning to Quimby’s for her third season on staff! Mary is 18 years old and is from Narberth, Pa. Mary has fallen in love with everything Quimby’s!

Mary loves playing tennis with guests, she loves capture the flag, rolling the tennis court, yoga paddle board, working at the Store, and QC bingo! Mary always has a smile on her face and a helping hand to lend. We are so excited to be welcoming Mary for her 2nd season on staff.

I am so excited to return this upcoming summer to Quimby Country! My favorite color is blue and my favorite meal is breakfast because I love waffles. I will be a senior in high school and my favorite class is chemistry because while it is rather challenging I enjoy the sciences and find it to be very interesting, and I really like my teacher and the people in my class. Outside of school, I love to spend time with friends and family and play sports. I row and play tennis. I love to play tennis at Quimby Country! It is super fun to play tennis with friends. I wanted  to try something new when I was a freshmen which is why I decided to try rowing. I have three dogs, which is also my favorite animal, which is lucky for me because there are always dogs running around Quimby’s! My dogs names are Bear, Ruthie and Marcus. Besides playing with the dogs at Quimby’s I am super excited to swim in Great Avril because not only is it absolutely breathtaking, but swimming in lakes and the ocean is one of my favorite things to do. At Quimby’s, I love the lake, but I also love the lodge porch. It has an amazing view of Forest Lake and the tennis court, and it is where people often gather for to spend time with each other or play games. One can also watch the beautiful sunrise over the lake from the porch. I am really looking forward to spending another summer at Quimby Country!

Mary embodies the “welcome home” spirit of Quimby Country and all in her presence feel this magic. She always has an energetic and warm welcome at morning activity sign ups and sets a great tone for each day.  Mary races around the tennis court, loves to dabble in all things art, is first to start a dance party out on the grass and is seen supporting all ages at QC. Her laughter is contagious and her smile makes all feel special. Welcome back to Quimby Country Mary! We are SO FORTUNATE you are apart of Quimby’s!

We are excited to welcome Blakely to Quimby’s for their first season on staff.  Blakely has a smile that will light up a room and bring abundant energy to our guests experiences at Quimby’s! Blakely will be a counselor this season and they are thrilled to be involved with all aspects of Quimby life. Blakely loves the idea of adventure and this will be their first time in Vermont. Blakely loves to crochet, hike and try new things.

Hi there! My name is Blakely, or Blake for short, and I am 20 years old from Grand Junction, CO. I am pursuing a degree at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM where I live for most of the year.

A couple fun facts about me:

  • I love to do any kind of crafts or anything with my hands. Currently I am obsessed with crochet, and am trying to do a temperature blanket for 2022!
  • I am majoring in psychology and minoring in history, two subjects I really enjoy.
  • My best furry friend is Ziva, who is a task trained service dog who helps me when I need her. She’ll be joining me at QC and is very excited to run around Vermont for the summer!
  • I also have two more dogs back at my parents house, Samwise and Rosie.
  • Over my life I have been to almost 15 summer camps, where I have fallen in love with the camp environment.
  • My favorite color is yellow!
  • I love to go hiking with Ziva in my free time, since moving to Albuquerque I have had so much fun discovering all the trails. I can’t wait to be able to explore all the hiking around Quimby’s this summer. I am most excited to be able to meet everyone at QC and make lifelong connections!
  • Whenever I get the chance for a long weekend I love to go camping far away from everything and just be in nature for a few days. Nature truly is the best medicine!

Welcome to Quimby Country Blakely! We are excited to welcome you and for you to meet all of our wonderful guests!

My love for cooking started when I was a little boy watching my Grandfather throw cooked spaghetti against the wall to see if it would stick (To test for doneness) there was no turning back after witnessing that! I went to culinary school at The Rhode Island School of Design. My first job assisting a chef was on Useppa island at a yacht club in south west Florida. This is where I began to hone my skills. I then worked in Naples Florida, where I worked at The Club at Pelican Bay for five years as a sous chef. After moving up North I became the Chef at The Weston Field Club for 19 years and at the same time started my own Catering business called “The Proper Palate”. I’ve catered weddings and a long list of celebrations over the years. At that time, while I was working at the Weston Field Club, I also started to cook Sunday breakfasts for the Weston, Kiwanis club, which I have now been doing for thirty years!  I’m now, concentrating on my catering business with my wife Jane. Recently I have started a new business called Proper Pathways a hiking experience business, where I prepare a fresh lunches for hikers. I meet them at a trail head where I then guide them to a beautiful Lake, Vista or Waterfall where we enjoy lunch before heading back. I look forward to creating some wonderful creative food for everyone’s enjoyment; fresh Scones in the morning; Spanish potato torte for lunch and Peruvian chicken in the evening; are just a few of the creative dishes I look forward to sharing with our Quimby guests this season.  Quimby’s is the most positive loving place to work and I’m really looking forward to returning this season!

We are very excited to welcome Chef Bill back this season. Bill brings a wonderfully positive spirit to the Quimby kitchen. Bill loves the Northeast Kingdom, when he isn’t cooking you can find him going for a hike or taking out a kayak for a spin on Great Averill. We are very fortunate to have Bill part of our Quimby Country community.

Justin started his culinary career at the age of 17 at NCUHS in the culinary arts program from there he went to New England Culinary institute and graduated in 1997 . From culinary school he traveled to further his culinary knowledge. In 2000 he moved back to Vermont and for 5 years was the Sous Chef of a local fine dining restaurant. In 2006 he became the chef owner of a small 55 seat restaurant. Since then he has traveled to the Bahamas as a free lance Chef and is currently working at the Coventry Village School. Justin enjoys sharing his culinary delights and knowledge with the students.

Justin has been cooking at Quimby’s for two seasons and we are thrilled he is returning for a third. His love of his school job is evident in the relationships he forms with Quimby staff. Justin is top notch, not only with food but also with people! Justin takes great care in the work he does for QC’s lucky guests and he also loves cooking for the staff.  He is never without a smile or encouraging word to share.

Justin is a chef who prefers wearing black, he drives a motorcycle and never forgets to bring his knife bag to work. His professionalism in the kitchen is evident in the way he prepares his menu, leaves his work space and takes time to mentor young staff in the art of cooking. Some of his favorite foods to cook are anything new that he has not perfected yet! The culinary world is always growing and Justin loves all food ethnicities. But if he had to choose just one, he would say classical French cuisine with rich deep flavors!

Camden has spent the past 4 seasons at Quimby’s, being seen with everything in hand from a lacrosse stick to an archery bow to a sous chef’s knife! Camden is a bit of a Quimby ambassador, happy to help out with just about everything! Camden carries a welcoming smile and aways have a kind word to share.

Currently, Camden works in the kitchen and has developed such skills as breaded chicken parmesan to stuffed shrimp and crab. Camden makes salads look beautiful, perfecting his ability to dress, toss and accent any salad type! He also makes a mean batch of chicken fingers and fries- everyones favorite! Camden has a killer forehand on the tennis court, a nasty lay up at the basketball hoop, he is a sharp shooter in archery and makes the biggest splash out at The Rock.

We are grateful to welcome Camden back for his 5th season at Quimby Country! 

This coming season will be Skyeler’s 2nd season at Quimby Country. Skyeler is versatile in skill sets and roles at Quimby’s. He is a sharp shooter at the archery range, an avid swimmer to Sandy Beach and back, quick with hoops and agile on the tennis court. This coming season Skye will further develop his culinary skills in the kitchen, write a weekly QC blog for all to enjoy, warmly welcome guests at Quimby’s weekly traditional cookouts and be a handy man around the property.

Skye is welcoming and kind to all, always with a friendly smile and encouraging word to share. He is a spirited conversationalist, so be sure to engage him on the front porch of the Lodge for an enjoyable morning or afternoon talk!

We are grateful to welcome Skye back for his 2nd season at Quimby Country! 

This will be Kendyl’s 2nd season as Quimby’s Head Waitstaff. Kendyl is always seen with a smile on her face and she brings fantastic energy to all things Quimby Country. Kendyl is all about organization and if you walked through the back of house you would see her positive notes and reminders to her staff, always with an encouraging word to share with her team. Kendyl brings a warm and enthusiastic welcome each day to our Quimby guests. We are so fortunate to have Kendyl apart of the team. When Kendyl is not serving guests or beautifying the dining room, keep an eye out for her at water volleyball- she is a force to be reckoned with!

Fun Facts about Kendyl:
  • Ask Kendyl where she is from and get ready for a story; from Florida to NYC to San Francisco, she couldn’t be happier in the NEK with nature all around her.
  • Her favorite thing at Quimby’s, other than the dogs, is seeing families connect and play without any electronic devices. She loving seeing kids use their imagination!!!
  • Kendyl loves working waitstaff as she can mentor the staff with insightful advice to help them enjoy working at Quimby’s as well as future careers.
  • Kendyl’s main reason she loves working waitstaff : she loves food and wants you to as well!

We are excited to welcome Jessica to her first summer on staff at Quimby’s. Jessica joins our waitstaff team. Her warm smile, comfortable nature, and spirited personality will brighten our guests experience.

About Jessica:

Hi, my name is Jessica Nadeau. I am currently an 8th grader at Canaan Memorial High School. In my free time I like to play soccer. I also enjoy music. I can play 6 instruments 5 of which being in the brass family. In the summer I enjoy kayaking on Wallace Pond. I am looking forward to working at  Quimby Country this summer because I love meeting new people and sharing my love for the North Country with them.

Welcome to Quimby’s Jessica!

We are excited to welcome Kalie to her first summer on staff at Quimby’s. Kalie joins our waitstaff team.

About Kalie:

Welcome to Quimby’s Kalie!

George is joining Quimby’s this summer as an official full time staff member! George will be working in the dish room this summer and helping out in the kitchen. George is a frequent face at Quimby’s, always smiling, with a basketball, tennis racket or beach towel in hand. George is happy to help in all areas of Quimby’s, whether helping a guest move luggage into their cottage, driving a guest in the golf cart out the The Rock, in helping set up for a cookout, or in teaching a young child how to properly hold a bow in archery. George loves all sports so be sure to ask him to toss a lacrosse ball, rally on the tennis court, play a little one on one at the basketball hoop or swim to Sandy Beach and back! He needs to get in shape for football season next fall anyway!

So happy to have you George!

Jennifer is returning this season as a full time employee and kitchen helper! Jen was part time last season and primarily worked at Quimby’s just through the fall. She worked incredibly hard through Quimby’s wedding season which is a busy time to be at Quimby’s. We are excited to welcome Jennifer for the full season this year! Jen is conscientious, hard working, and eager to give her best every day on the job! She is a senior at Canaan High School, graduating in June of 2022.

Jen shares:

I live on a dairy farm with my 3 horses and I also raise 2 cows. When I have free time I also love playing drums.

Welcome Jen! We are excited to have you back this season.

This will be Henry’s first season at Quimby Country. We are thrilled to welcome Henry for his 1st season. Henry is very personable, energetic, and always seen with a smile. He plays soccer in high school and is seen as a wonderful teammate and an incredibly hard worker. This positive energy and ever present smile will be evident in the dining room and while serving Quimby’s guests. Henry is excited that his first waitstaff position will be held at Quimby’s because he has heard such great things about QC guests.

A little about Henry: Stay tuned for more info about Henry!

Welcome to Quimby Country Henry! 

Brushia joins us this season as a housekeeper. Brushia values making others feel welcomed and cared for and takes pride in hard work and making spaces look their absolute best. Our cottages will continue to look beautiful this season under Brushia’s watch as we know she will do her best to care for them as they have been the past 128 years of operation! Brushia possesses a spirit of gratitude and concern for others. She will be a special addition to the team and we are fortunate she found Quimby’s!

My name is Brushia and I am joining Quimby’s for my first season from Arizona. I am excited to join the team this season and get back to the outdoors! I have spent the last year going through surgeries and recovery time and am happy to now be returning to life, work, and adventure.

I enjoy  exploring with my German Shepard and finding any opportunity I can to swim. I am a musician and have been playing instruments since I was 11 years old. You can normally find me off in the woods somewhere playing trumpet while my dog plays with pinecones.

I am looking forward to the change of scenery leaving the Arizona desert to the wilderness of Vermont, and am blessed to be joining the Quimby team!

Welcome Brushia! 

Quimby Country welcomes Alyssa this coming season. Alyssa will be starting off as a full-time housekeeper in May! When you arrive to Quimby’s you can thank her for how beautiful and clean all the cottages look! When the High Season starts Alyssa will take on additional roles and pursue her love of the outdoors! Alyssa will help with climbing trips with our guests, teach and facilitate fishing out on Forest Lake and pitch in where needed! Let’s see who can catch more fish than Alyssa this summer! Alyssa is certainly a team player and we are thrilled to welcome her this coming season.
Hi! My name is Alyssa and I’m from York, New York. This is going to be my first season working at Quimby Country!
A little about myself:
I’m 20 years old. I went to college in the Adirondack Mountains for outdoor education which is where I discovered my love for the outdoors. I love fishing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, hiking, among so many more activities.
My favorite colors are blue and green. I live on a farm!
This season at Quimby Country you’ll find me all over the place. I’ll be helping out in housekeeping, waitstaff, helping out with activities and much more. I’m so excited and eager to learn new things and meet so many new people!
Welcome Alyssa! We are so excited for you to experience Quimby Country and to meet all of our wonderful guests!
This picture is of me catching a fat bass last summer. It’s one of my favorite memories!
My name is Lu Van Zeeland and I am happy to return to tend Quimby’s gardens again this season.  Seven years ago, with fellow gardener Sarah Dole, we began the process of reclaiming and enhancing the gardens on this extraordinary piece of property.  I feel joy with my hands in the dirt caring for the plants, sensing out as I go along where to move, add, or expand things to create the most beauty.
I have particularly enjoyed getting to know the guests and fellow gardeners while doing my job, and we have learned from one another as we shared our knowledge and love of gardening. I look forward to reconnecting with those folks and meeting new guests this season.
After many years of splitting my time living and working up north here in the summers and in Montpelier, Vermont (at Morse Farm Ski Touring Center) in the winters, I now make Averill my year-around home.  The deep quiet of this region feeds my soul.  You will often see me outdoors, riding my bike to work at Quimby’s, kayaking or swimming at Averill Lake, hiking on the Quimby trails, Averill and Brousseau Mountains, or walking along Cottage Road.  I also enjoy exploring over the border in the Coaticook region of Canada, and have discovered some wonderful cycling and food tasting routes I am happy to share.
My daughter Meredith lives locally in Newport, Vermont and my son Sam lives in Stowe, Vermont.
I look forward to experiencing and contributing to the beauty and magic of Quimby Country again this season.
We are so appreciative of the beauty Lu shares with Quimby’s guests. She cares for Quimby’s gardens as if they were her children. Her knowledge is deep and she is always willing to share this knowledge with our guests. We encourage you to take time to introduce yourself to Lu and to talk about the gardens. They have a story to tell. Thank you Lu!

Gary lives with his wife Pam down the road from Quimby’s in Canaan. He has been a part of Quimby’s for about 6 years and cares deeply for it. Gary has often been willing to step in where needed, whether helping with a plumbing issue, a need in the kitchen, or in the dish room. In recent years Gary has worked hard to keep the lawns looking their best. He can be seen atop his mower, weaving his way between trees, fence posts and fields. You know when Gary has shown up to work because he always leaves things better than he found it.

Gary has a twinkle of the eye that makes all feel welcomed and cared for. We are grateful for the hard work Gary brings to Quimby’s and his keen attention to detail.

Pam has been a part of Quimby’s family for many years. Pam and her husband Gary live locally, just a few miles down the road in Canaan. They are huge animal lovers and share their home with their cat and dog, often taking in stray animals in need. They are those kind of people; always looking for ways to help others.

We are grateful for the hard work, kindness and support Pam shares with Quimby’s each day she is with us. Pam started off helping with housekeeping and in recent years has managed the laundry facility. It is a big job for a little person and Pam gives 110% each and every day she comes to work. Pam cares about Quimby’s guests and she cares about its staff. She folds bottom sheets to perfection and makes sheet sets look like they have been professionally ironed.

We could not do it without you Pam! Thank you for your hard work!