Cottage Restoration Project

Dear Quimby Country Friends and Family,

The time has finally come! This week we are auctioning Peter Huntoon’s remaining 16 cottage paintings!  We have received so many emails of excitement and anticipation since we made the announcement back in January and we are thrilled to finally be able to start the bidding process!  Peter Huntoon, Vermont artist, has created an exquisite series of paintings of Quimby Country’s 19 cottages. This past December we auctioned off Peter’s first three cottages; Jock Scott, Green Drake and Ginger Quill and were very happy with the results of the online auction. We are hopeful that this next series of paintings will be just as successful!

The cottage painting initiative began as an effort to restore our cottages, which remains largely the case still, however, due to the struggles of COVID-19 and the impact that it has had on Quimby Country, we have adjusted the scope of this project.  To that end, we have decided to contribute a portion of the paintings proceeds to our 2020 operational budget to help cover some of the losses that we have incurred over the past few months.  That said, Quimby Country will still match each winning bid to double the amount that will go into restoring our cottages.  We sincerely thank you for generously contributing to this very important initiative. If you are unable to visit us this summer due to COVID-19 reasons there may not be a better way to feel close to your home-away-from-home than by having your favorite cottage hanging on your wall!

About the Artist, Peter Huntoon: Peter came to Quimby Country last fall for two days and created three breathtaking, scenic paintings. He returned in the spring and completed a fourth. One titled: Forest Lake, another: Great Averill and The Rock, the third: Quimby Country Lodge and Cottages and the most recent: Boat Launch. Peter has been painting professionally since 1994. A life-long passion for art and his native state of Vermont are evident in his work. His distinctive award-winning paintings in oil and water-media feature strong composition, innovative color, and enthusiastic brushwork. In March 2013 Peter launched “A Day in Vermont”, a weekly email love letter featuring a brand new painting. A Day in Vermont “celebrates the beauty of Vermont, one painting at a time.”

We are very appreciative of Peter Huntoon and his interest in collaborating with Quimby County. We know that you will enjoy his work and hope you will help by participating in this initiative .

Let the bidding begin!

Directions: You can bid on your cottage of choice. The bidding starts at $500. Each succeeding bid must go up by $50. Bidding will conclude on Wednesday, July 15th. Winning bidder will receive the painting by mail or pick-up at Quimby’s this summer. Each oil painting is framed in a 11×14 frame. Please note:  When entering your bid amount only include the numerical value (example: 550 not $550)

***If you would rather not have your name listed on the bid sheet, please just list yourself as anonymous, however, please include your email as that will be the only way we will be able to contact you in the event you have the winning bid*** Bidding will begin late this spring: date to be determined. Thank you!

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