Cottage Restoration Project

Join us in the preservation of Quimby’s beloved cottages

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Peter Huntoon, Vermont artist, to launch our Cottage Restoration Project.

Peter will be painting one cottage at a time over the next two years and each painting will be auctioned off to Quimby guests and families. All proceeds raised from each painting will go directly back into that cottage for continued work and preservation. Quimby Country will match each winning bid to double the amount that will go into the restoration and preservation of each cottage. We are committed to ensuring our beloved cottages are here for our children’s children to enjoy. This past summer Peter completed his first three cottages; Jock Scott, Green Drake and Ginger Quill, which will be auctioned off just in time for the Holidays! By the end of the winter season Peter will have up to 6 more paintings completed to be auctioned off this spring!

About the Artist, Peter Huntoon: Peter came to Quimby Country last fall for two days and created three breathtaking, scenic paintings. He returned in the spring and completed a fourth. One titled: Forest Lake, another: Great Averill and the Rock, the third: Quimby Country Lodge and Cottages  and the most recent: Boat Launch. Peter has been painting professionally since 1994. A life-long passion for art and his native state of Vermont are evident in his work. His distinctive award-winning paintings in oil and water-media feature strong composition, innovative color, and enthusiastic brushwork. In March 2013 Peter launched “A Day in Vermont”, a weekly email love letter featuring a brand new painting. A Day in Vermont “celebrates the beauty of Vermont, one painting at a time.” 

Directions: Below you can bid on your cottage of choice. The bidding starts at $500. Each succeeding bid must go up by $50. Bidding will conclude on December 20th. Winning bidder will receive the painting by the holiday season. Each oil painting is framed in a 11×14 frame. Please note:  When entering your bid amount only include the numerical value (example: 550 not $550)

***If you would rather not have your name listed on the bid sheet, please just list yourself as ananmous however, please include your email as that will be the only way we will be able to contact you in the event you have the winning bid***

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