Our History

cold water springsQuimby’s is Vermont’s oldest “sporting camp,” having been founded in 1894 by Charles Quimby, a New Hampshire druggist. Initially operating from May to October, the club prided itself on providing the best fishing in the Northeast. With guides available, fishing for brook, brown, rainbow, golden, and lake trout, as well as landlocked salmon, was the pursuit of the day, and guests stayed either on Big Averill Lake or at Quimby’s Cold Spring Club on Forest Lake.

Though founded by the New Hampshire druggist, it is his daughter, Hortense Quimby, who led the club for the greater part of the twentieth century. A red-headed maverick, Hortense managed Quimby’s with an energy and a resolve that was indisputable. She created hatcheries to maintain the health of the fisheries that her guests visited, and she personally oversaw every aspect of the operation of her club.

In addition to fishing, the club had extensive stables and provided riding trails throughout the remotest areas of the Northeast Kingdom, and where horse couldn’t travel, there were hiking trails to take the adventurous angler to hidden mountain springs and beaver ponds.

Ms. Quimby led the club till 1965. Soon thereafter, a subset of guests formed a corporation to create the summer escape that exists today. The horses are gone, but the clear mountain lakes and rolling hiking trails still exist, offering the same exhilarating adventure to the North Country visitor as they did over a hundred years ago.