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26October, 2021

Tales of Fish and Family

Tales of Fish and Family My passion for fly-fishing began at age 10 in a remote place called Kidney Pond Lodge and Camps in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin in northern Maine [...]

26October, 2021

Recognizing the Youth

Recognizing the Youth of Quimby Country One of the many special qualities of Quimby Country is the youth who have grown up there.  The friendships forged, the memories made, the laughter shared [...]

26October, 2021

2021 Stewardship Award

2021 Quimby Country Stewardship Award Recipients In 2019, Quimby Country established an award centered around the heart of stewardship. Although we never knew many of the important figures of Quimby Country, such [...]

24January, 2020

Why Choose Quimby Country For Your Family Vacation? There are countless incredible and beautiful places to vacation as a family and we are so fortunate that so many choose Quimby’s to [...]

1December, 2019

Plan you next retreat at Quimby Country Are you or someone you know looking for a venue to host a business retreat? Quimby Country is the place [...]

1December, 2019

Honoring New Families at Quimby Country We value our longtime families and friends who return to Quimby Country time and time again. Quimby’s would not be what [...]