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24January, 2020

Why Choose Quimby Country For Your Family Vacation? There are countless incredible and beautiful places to vacation as a family and we are so fortunate that so many choose Quimby’s to [...]

1December, 2019

Plan you next retreat at Quimby Country Are you or someone you know looking for a venue to host a business retreat? Quimby Country is the place [...]

1December, 2019

Honoring New Families at Quimby Country We value our longtime families and friends who return to Quimby Country time and time again. Quimby’s would not be what [...]

26March, 2019

Fishing Tales With QC’s Fishing Guide, Josh Adams

_____________________________________________ On Wednesday, June 13th 2018, I arrived at Quimby Country for my first visit!  I was especially excited because of all that I had heard and read about Quimby Country as well [...]