families dancing

Families have been making a visit to Quimby Country their annual vacation for years. And why not? There’s something for everyone. Parents can relax on the porch, sipping coffee, while kids take advantage of one of the many complimentary activities arranged by the QC counselors. Or the family can take off for the day to explore the many adventures available in the Northeast Kingdom, including raspberry picking, hiking up Pinnacle Mountain, or hitting the “big city,” Colebrook, NH, for a pizza.

On the property, there is boating, kayaking, and sailboating on Big Averill Lake, along with swimming, picnicking, and hiking. Rainy days find crafts in the Rec Hall  and games of chess and charades in the main lodge.

Tuesdays and Fridays bring cookouts down at the Rock at Big Averill, a perfect spot to watch the evening sunset with a glass of wine. On Fridays, the night concludes with a favorite Quimby tradition – younger folk taking a swing at the piñata, made earlier in the week by those same guests. A swirl of candy, a feeding frenzy of young arms and legs, and then it’s time to head back to the light and warmth of the cottages.

Guests have such a great time that they return again and again, often the same week and frequently reuniting with friends made in previous summers. Come join us today and find out what makes Quimby’s so special.

girls with umbrella

“In a lot of ways, going to Quimby is like going back in time – kids have fun building pinatas
and terrariums and adults relax with wine and friendly conversation. When our kids went to bed, my husband
and I played board games while drinking beers and watching the sun set over Forest Lake. Keelie, the wonderful counselor,
was so great with all the kids (especially our little motor mouth) and she kept them busy with fun and imaginative activities.”